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The recognitions for "Help A Child Smile"

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We at "Help a Child Smile"are honored and humbled by the appreciation, recognitions, and awards that have been received for our work. Starting with one oral health education seminar for 50 children, Help a Child Smile has now grown to a movement that has reached thousands of families across multiple states in the US and the Bhalswa slums in Delhi, one of India's poorest and most populous areas. Its educational resources are being used in dental offices, mobile health programs, and schools. Healthcare professionals report that the simple scalable 3-pillar model of oral health is highly effective in the containment of oral cancer statistics and pediatric dental disease rates. While our work targets low-income, rural, and underserved communities, “Help a Child Smile” is an oral-health model that cuts across socioeconomic classes and is relevant across the globe. It is a grassroots movement instituting change at 3 levels – education, prevention, and treatment – with its tools available to everyone. For its work on behalf of underserved communities, Project "Help a Child Smile" has received the Presidential Volunteer Gold Service Award, George Bush Point of Light Award, Presidential Spirit of Community Distinguished Finalist, and Georgia Girl Scout Council Young Woman of Distinction recognition. The founder Siya has also become a member of the Cobb County Youth Leadership Commission, a program that engages students in experiential learning with region's leaders to collaborate on socioeconomic issues affecting the county. The Neelok Foundation has been recognized as a Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award which is an huge honor and placement of trust. With this comes the responsibility to do more and do better. At HCS, we believe that it is critical to think not only of ourselves, but also of the larger-scale healthcare problems that affect our world. We must help others.

"There is no greater reward than working from your heart to make a difference in the world".

George Bush Point of Light Award Georgia -

Girl Scout Council Young Woman of Distinction -

Prudential Spirit of Community Distinguished Finalist -

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