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The Neelok Foundation

The Neelok Foundation was set up in honor of my grandmother. She was a pediatrician who lived and worked in Delhi and died of oral cancer. Her spirit of service for others was unparalleled and her medical practice -"The Neelok Medical Center" - provided free treatment to poor families of the slums of Delhi. My grandmother was a role model and a pillar of strength for others. I have seen first-hand the pain, suffering, and debilitation that oral cancer caused in the last 2 years of her life and while we cannot bring her back, taking measures to educate and help others is a positive step forward. It can mean the difference of one more life saved through early detection or one more child who will not suffer from the pain of a dental infection due lack of affordability to treat it. 

The Neelok Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of oral cancer and pediatric dental disease through early education about oral health, free supplies to aid prevention of disease, and accessible and affordable oral health care for all. The Neelok Foundation wants to help you. We encourage you to reach out if you are experiencing an oral health problem so we can partner to find a solution. The Neelok Foundation has also been recognized as a Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award which is a huge honor and placement of trust. We want to encourage youth-led service efforts on behalf of the community. Please reach out and tell us about your work.


Certificate Of Incorporation

The Neelok Foundation


PVSA Certifying Organization

The Neelok Foundation


The Neelok Foundation Oral Cancer Website

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