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Oral Cancer

Early detection, prevention, and support for oral cancer

The Neelok Foundation


The Neelok Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about oral, oropharyngeal, and head and neck cancers, and the importance of early detection through regular screening to lower mortality rates. We are working actively to educate communities and support and provide resources for those who have been diagnosed with oral cancer or undergoing treatment and recovering from oral cancer therapy. 


Siya Kalra


The Neelok Foundation

In memory of my grandmother who died of oral cancer and her medical practice 

'The Neelok Medical Center' which served families in the slums of Delhi


Oral cancer ranks among the top ten leading cancers in the world and the top three in Asian countries.


In the United States, 53,000 new cases are diagnosed with oral, oropharyngeal, and head and neck cancer annually.


The worldwide burden of oral cancers is an estimated 657,000 new cases annually and more than 330,000 deaths.



In the US, oral cancers kill 1 person per hour per day. In most developing countries, the numbers are much higher. 




Late stage detection has a very high mortality rate of about 43% at five years from diagnosis.




Oral cancers detected during early stages of development have a survival rate of 80 - 90 %

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